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The Declining Trend of Dating App Downloads

Valentine’s Day in the U.S. brings love to mind, but the dating app scene isn’t as rosy as before. Recent analysis by shows global dating app downloads grew just 1.9% last January, a far cry from the 29% surge a year earlier. Even in the U.S., growth slowed to 2.38%, reaching about 12.7 million installs, down from nearly 16% in 2023.

Match Group, owner of popular apps like Tinder and Hinge, saw a 5% drop in paying customers. Tinder, specifically, lost 8% of its paying users. To boost profits, Tinder launched a pricey $500/month subscription. Despite this, Match Group's revenue rose 10% to $866.23 million last quarter.

However, only 3 in 10 U.S. adults have used dating apps, unchanged since 2019. While 1 in 10 Americans met their partner online, Census data reveals a record 25% of 40-year-olds have never been married, raising questions about dating app success in finding long-term partners.

Tinder remains the top dating app in the U.S. but lost a bit of its market share. Bumble's share also dipped. Smaller apps and startups, labeled as "Other", are gaining popularity, suggesting users want something new.

Match Group plans to use AI to enhance the app experience, following a trend of people turning to AI tools for dating. But AI might also lead to more scams, warns security firm McAfee.

Despite challenges, dating apps still rake in big bucks, hitting a record $505 million in January 2024. So, while the market may be changing, there's still potential for investment, especially with the rise of AI-driven features.



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